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composer I  music producer 

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For many years I write and produce music for film, artists and commercials.

Together we'll find the optimal audio solution for your indiviual receivers. Just drop me a message or give me a call ! You'll find some samples of my work on the website...looking forward to hearing from you!

#urban #hiphop #modern #electronic #synth #raw #dirty #analog

Plugins i use for my warm analog sound come from brands like acoustica audio, brainworx, slate digital, fabfilter, softube, weiss, valhalla, waves, soundtoys and others.


KORG minilogue, Neumann TLM 103, UA Solo 610, UA Twin-Finity 701, nord electro, AKAI MPK225, AKG C414, ADAM A7X, Presonus Tremblor, Tascam VSL 90, RME fireface 802, DRAWMER MC2.1, nowsonic power plant, HOFA Acoustics, Diffusoren und Absorber, KORG N5ex + tons of Virtual Studio Instruments and plugins.

short musically biography

piano (15 years autodidact / 1 year with sam hylton)

violin (6 years)

cello (1 year)

gospel choir (vocal range: tenor, 2 years)

writing lyrics, rap & singing (since 2001)

vocal coaching (mel canady, 1 year)

mix & mastering jobs (since 2010)

professional recording studio in munich (since 2017)

a wide network with professional instrumentalists & vocalists

releasing music since 2006

composer jobs for commercials since 2012

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