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My name is Daniel.

I am a composer and music producer based in Munich - happy to present you some of my work on this site.


Press Play on soundcloud players for   >>JOBS & LAYOUTS<<   from 2016:


SHOWREEL  II Future Bass II Electronic II Rock

SHOWREEL  II Orchestral



IN THE PAST...i produced a lot of underground music - mainly in HipHop & TripHop (see "UNDERGROUND")

         IN 2010 ...i started working in the field of advertising.

SINCE THEN...i did a bunch of imagefilms and spots, especially for SIEMENS and other brands like LIEBHERR or BMW.

          IN 2016 ...i produced my first TV commercials broadcasted in Germany, Africa and Australia.



...with long time creative experience and the passion for  music

...handmade music on point, with the finger on the pulse of time


If you like my work, i'm looking forward to hear from you.



studio:  +49 (0) 89 / 12 12  64 92

I was awarded several times for my music, appearing in SIEMENS image films, at the Corporate Media & TV Awards in Cannes.

In 2016 - together with the agency SERVICEPLAN - we won at the ADC with the project "The Icebergs", a social project, pointig on the global warming problem, where they gave us recorded sounds of the melting icebergs, to make music out of them.

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